Parade begins Saturday 18th September at 4pm.

Carnival 2021 is all about the environment as we focus on what we have to lose and what we want to protect in the sea, the air and the land itself. Flags of hope will be flying along the coastline and the costumed promenaders will bring the environment into sharp focus, giving us a version of utopia.

As always Carnival is an invitation for absolutely everyone to get together and celebrate community, belonging and making meaningful, positive things happen whatever the barriers might be.

How you can join in

Instead of just creating carnival in our established community carnival clubs and schools this year we invite everyone to pick a theme and come along to one of our free Tuesday drop in carnival clubs in the garden at 158 Whitley Road.

Come along on your own, with a friend, a neighbour or the whole family, make a costume and join the parade. Each Tuesday from 10.00 – 12.00 and 13.00 – 15.00 our carnival artists will be there with materials and tools and lots of help.

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